T.E.C. Officers Prepare to Plan

August 4th-7th, the T.E.C. officers will be out at the lake on the annual T.E.C. Officer Retreat directing the Technical Entertainment Crew in the right direction for the entire year. The extent of the planning varies from Football Video Crew in August, the T.E.C Lock-in in January, or as far as dance recitals in May.They will also spend a majority of their time making sure that all of the fundraisers are organized and planned for, so that they can take T.E.C. to London in March of 2010.

Besides the retreat being mostly about planning, there is another purpose. Building a bond between the officers for the entire year so that it will go as smoothly as possible. It is best summarized by the mission the officers abide by while on the officer retreat.

To build unity among the officers, prepare for the challenges of the upcoming year, and to ensure that this will be the best year yet for Westlake T.E.C.

As we near the school year beginning, our excitement grows to experience the greatest year yet for Westlake T.E.C.

Travis Favaron
2009-2010 T.E.C. President