HD Video Gear - Final Install

On Feburaury 25th, the Eanes ISD school board passed a proposal to purchase all new video equipment for the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew. This proposal included enough equipment to have be a fully outfitted video department in high definition.

On that day, Westlake high school became the first high school to purchase this much HD video equipment in the state. Students were on their way to having an incredible oppurtunity to work with the same level of gear as ESPN.

The first part of the installation begin in mid-April, right before the biggest production of the year, Zenith. For the first show in the new Performing Arts Center (PAC), the new video equipment would have to be used with only a few practices. Despite the time crunch the students in the video department for Zenith pulled off an amazing product.

Now, in late June, the final installation of the new video system is underway. All that is left with the install is the fiber backbone run between Chaparral Stadium and the PAC, so that the same control room may be used for both football games and theatre productions.

With the install almost being done, all of the students on the 2009-2010 football video crew are excited and eager to use the equipment in its final state starting with the first football game of the year. 

Travis Favaron
2009-2010 T.E.C. President