TEC 101

By: Isaac Frost

A couple weeks ago, we hosted TEC 101 here at the PAC. For those who have never attended, allow me to explain: TEC 101 is an opportunity for members old and new to meet in a friendly and fun environment while also getting hands-on experience with the equipment. For many younger members, this is their first chance to get involved with the TEC program outside of the classroom.

Regrettably, I didn't attend this event as a freshman but I've made sure not to miss a chance like this again. I had very different experiences each time I went. As a sophomore, I already knew most of the freshman; however as a junior, I saw numerous unfamiliar faces. Regardless of my age, I always look forward to TEC 101 as an opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.


Immediately after school, more than fifty TEC members gathered backstage to socialize and enjoy some snacks. After meeting with each other we broke the ice with a few activities to bring the group together then sat down in the theater to watch our Mission Statement Video. This video features several members of the TEC program and demonstrates the values that we strive to live by within the organization every day. From there, we split up into small groups and visited various stations inside the Concert Hall. These stations included audio, conventional lights, moving lights, camera and video production. All the stations were led by the TEC Officers and gave the younger members unique opportunities such as designing their own light look or hearing their favorite song on the PA system.

I taught the moving lights station, a unique opportunity considering the fact that we generally only use the moving lights rig for larger events in the PAC. This was also a chance me to brush up on the Hog (the moving light console) myself. As I discussed the functions of the board and our rig of light, I could see the curiosity in everyone’s eyes. This is what inspires me to continue with TEC. I get to see the future of the generations rise up and take their place like I am now. I can't help but think back to when I had an older member teaching me these things, and it makes me think just how old I am.  

For the younger members, TEC 101 is seen as a chance to meet some people as well as get some hands-on experience with the equipment, but for me, for the older members: TEC 101 is an amazing opportunity to see the future of this organization. We'll just have to wait and see where the newer members take TEC in the next few years.