T.E.C. Member on Broadway...

It all started as a freshman, he walked into the halls of Westlake High School with very little idea of what he would be doing his whole high school career. Sure he would do what every other high schooler in the country was doing at the time, take English, go to history, learn math, but what made him unique was his interest in tech theatre.

This student's name is Phil Gilbert Jr., a 1999 graduate of Westlake High School as well as a founder of the now illustrious Technical Entertainment Crew. From that point on tech theatre was his passion in life. 

Following high school, Phil became a freelance lighting programmer working his way up the ladder in the professional world. On multiple occasions Phil came back to the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew, helping with the lighting design for the annual dance show, Zenith, and on different occasions programming the light show.

In 2009, Phil Gilbert Jr., landed a job on Broadway. He is the projection programmer for the show Bye Bye Birdie. Making Phil the first student from the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew to make it all the way to Broadway.

Travis Favaron

TEC President 2009-2010