Great Fun + Long Nights = Away Games

It’s the end of 5th period and what better of a class to end the day with than Pre-Cal. Yes, it’s the end of my school day, but Video Crew has just begun.

During 6th period Tech II, we start the process of loading our shiny new trailer to the brim with controllers, cables, chairs, and more insulation than you could shake a stick at. The people planning, coming, going, pushing and packing suddenly stop and as we close the back of the truck the bell rings. We say goodbye to all the people not in Video Crew, while other crewmembers outside Tech II join us on the bus. After some singing, discussion, chatting, and cookie munchin’ we arrive at the rivaling Lake Travis’ football stadium.

As excited as we were to get on the bus, we were doubly for getting off. It was an adventure! It was as if were setting up in the boonies – no – we were setting up in the boonies; yet we knew that we had the ability to soon turn it into an high definition video headquarters. And after two tree-mounted lights, some stairs, a few thousand feet of cable and a spider or two it was time for some true ‘bobby’ (barbeque). And being able to sit down and see everything in place, we had single-handedly set up state of the art technology in the middle of nowhere without a hitch – until the lightning alarms blared us all into a frightened silence.

After some nervous waiting (albeit gracious relaxation), the ball was kicked. “Take 2.” “Roll replay.” Ready Tanner graphic. “And… take 1.” And before you could say, “This is Westlake Football” it was over. The band was gone, their own stadium crew was gone, even the stadium lights were gone (temporarily) but we were still there. We re-filled the trailer, re-wrapped the cable, capped some cases and hit the road. It was 2 am, we were tired, we were semi-conscious, but best, we were home.

With what seemed like just a few touchdowns, we had already accomplished one of the most unique and daring adventures in the history of high school football videography.

What did you do Friday night?

-- Robert Jameson
Video Engineer