Westlake Community Performing Arts Center Concert Hall

Seating and House Capacity

Room Seats
Orchestra 670
Parterre Left 210
Parterre Right 206
TOTAL 1086 (approximate)

Wheelchair and handicap access available in all levels. Assistive listening devices are available upon request.

The Concert Hall has multiple configurations. Both parterres are rotating rooms where the floor and the walls spin to face away from the stage. This allows for smaller events to have an intimate setting while still taking advantage of the full stage. When the parterres are facing away from the stage, they also become alternate meeting spaces in the form of a Recital Hall and a Lecture Hall.


Stage Dimensions

Stage Segment Width (ft) Height (ft)
Proscenium opening 56ft 21ft 6in
House Curtain 56ft 23ft
Stage height from orchestra floor 3ft 4in
Stage floor to mid-level locking rail 12ft
Stage floor to loading gallery 45ft
Orchestra Pit 48ft (widest point) 19ft


Counterweight Fly System

The Concert Hall has a single-purchase counterweight fly system with two locking rails and a loading rail located stage right. The upper locking rail is equipped with white and blue index lights while the lower is equipped with white index lights. There is a pin rail equipped with belaying pins for spot-line rigging at the mid-gallery position and stage-level position. A fire curtain and grand curtain are immediately upstage of the proscenium.

Manual line sets 31
Batten length 70ft
Batten travel 43ft 6in
Batten height at deck level 5ft
Arbor height 6ft - 13ft


Concert Shell

Ceilings: There are three ceiling panels (white finish) that are hung on dedicated motorized counterweight line sets and deployed as needed. There are thirty-four total ETC Source Four PAR light fixtures in the ceilings.


First Ceiling: (14) ETC Source Four PARs

First Ceiling
Downstage width 53ft
Upstage width 46ft 2in
Ceiling depth 7ft 8in


Second Ceiling: (12) ETC Source Four PARs

Second Ceiling
Downstage width 46ft
Upstage width 39ft 8in
Ceiling depth 7ft 8in


Third Ceiling: (8) ETC Source Four PARs

Third Ceiling
Downstage width 38ft
Upstage width 28ft 3in
Ceiling depth 7ft 6in


Towers: six truss-supported moveable concert towers are available for the side walls. The towers (white finish), have the following (approximate) measurements when deployed:

Towers Width Height
First tower 7ft 5in 24ft
Second tower 7ft 5in 22ft
Third tower 7ft 5in 19ft


Soft Goods

The following soft goods are available:

Description Quantity Width Height
House curtain* 1 70ft 23ft
Borders (with Fullness) 4 70ft 9ft
Legs (with Fullness) 6 15ft 26ft
Bi-part traveler (with Fullness) 2 23ft 70ft
Cyclorama 1 70ft 26ft
Black scrim 1 70ft 26ft
White scrim 1 70ft 26ft
Projection screen 1 16ft 14ft

*Note: The grand curtain is made of 25oz. velour and only travels in and out.


Variable Acoustics

The Concert Hall is equipped with a state-of-the-art variable acoustic system designed by d&b audiotechnik. Using a series of motorized tracked curtains, the acoustics of the room may be altered specifically for your event. All curtains are 25oz. lined velour with 50% fullness.



Stage Floor

The stage floor is ¾” oak tongue and groove with a black matte finish.

A near full stage black Harlequin Cascade Marley dance floor is available for rental. (Call for pricing)


Orchestra Pit

Underneath the stage lies an orchestra pit that is 19’ deep and 48’ wide. The ceiling height is 9’ and the orchestra pit floor is located 9’ 6” below the stage floor.


Loading Dock

The loading dock is located on the south end of the Westlake Community Performing Arts Center off Westbank Drive and can accommodate one semi-tractor trailer. It is equipped with molded dock bumpers. The height from the road to the dock is 3’ 6” and is 10’ wide. The loading dock is 35’ long, 10’ wide and 11’ tall. The loading dock garage door is 9’ 10” tall by 10’ wide. The dock is approximately 35’ from the stage with a 14’ tall garage door for loading scenery on to the stage.


Green Room

The green room is located on the stage level and is equipped with audio/video monitors. The room is great for staging performers and scenery in this 56’ by 31’ space.


Dressing Rooms

There are two (2) dressing rooms (18’ by 11’) for the cast and performers with an additional one (1) private restroom. All are equipped with audio monitors with independent volume controls.



Laundry facilities are available in the scene shop. (Call for more information)


Concert and Theatrical Lighting

The Concert Hall is equipped with a first class lighting system including 480 2.4kw standard dimmers dedicated to house lights and concert lighting circuits.


Lighting Positions

Lighting positions available are: far rail, catwalk, anit-proscenium electric, near box boom SL, near box boom SR, and stage.


Lighting Control

Description Quantity
ETC Ion 3000 control system 2
2.4kW standard dimmers 480
120 VAC Non-dim circuits 24
208 VAC Non-dim circuits 16
Portable DMX notes w/ Ethernet cables 12
AMX control system 1
Wireless Radio Focus Remote 1

Note: Dimmer circuits and Ethernet ports are distributed throughout the facility.


Conventional Lighting Fixtures

Description Quantity
ETC 5-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 10
ETC 10-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 10
ETC 19-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 94
ETC 26-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 39
ETC 36-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 50
ETC 50-degree Source Four ERS w/ 575-watt lamp 10
ETC Source Four PAR w/ 575-watt lamp 88
Fresnelite 8" w/ 1000-watt lamp 20
Color Kinetics ColorBlast TR 12 48
Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72 8
ACL bars 4
Wybron Fore-Runner gel scrollers 72
Par 64 w/ 1000-watt lamp 73
Follow spots w/ 1200-watt HMI lamp (Lycian Stark Light II) 2


Dedicated concert lighting fixtures

Description Quantity
Source Four PAR w/575-watt lamp (in concert shell ceiling panels) 34


Cue Light System

Description Quantity
Leon Audio 14-channel master control unit 1
Leon Audio QLS-B Mk3 cue light stations 8


Automated Lighting System**

(Note: This list is outdated!)

Description Quantity
MA Lighting grandMA2 light 2
DP-2000 2
HES Cyberlights 8
HES Techno beams 6
HES X.Spot Extremes 4
Clay Paky Alpha Wash 575 5
Clay Paky Sharpy 12
HES Studio Color 575 2
Vari-Lite 3000Q 15
Martin Atomic Strobe 3000 7

**Call for rental pricing on these items

Audio Systems

Every decision that went into the design and construction of the Westlake Performing Arts Center was driven by quality. Painstaking measures and a no-compromise attitude are adhered to ensure pristine acoustics and immaculate audio quality.


House System


The loudspeaker system features three Line Arrays (Left-Center-Right).

Description Quantity
d&b V Series Loudspeaker (house left & right) 16
d&b J Series Subwoofer (house center) 4
d&b E6 Loudspeaker (front fills) 8
d&b R1 (Loudspeaker processing) 1


House Console

Description Quantity
D-Show Control Surface 1
D-Show Sidecar 2
VENUE Stage Rack 2
Input Channels with Controllable Gain 96
Band Parametric Channel EQ 4
Group Outpus 8
Auxiliary Outputs 16
Matrix Outputs 8
VCAs 8


House Playback/recording

Description Quantity
Denon DN-C635 CD Player 1
Tascam CD-RW901SL CD Recorder 2
Denon DN-V300 DVD 1
96 Channel ProTools HD 10 System 1


Monitor Playback/Record

Description Quantity
Tascam CD-401 MKII CD Player 1


Floor Monitors (All in bi-amp configuration)

Description Quantity
2EAW SM15 Floor Monitors 4
2EAW SM500 Floor Monitors 4
2EAW SM260 Cue Wedge 1



Description Quantity
Meyer UPA-2P Hi/Mid 2
Meyer 600-HP Subwoofers 2



Description Quantity
Crown Macrotech power 9
DBX Crossovers 8


Monitor System & Recording Studio

Description Quantity
Yamaha PM-5D RH Version 2 digital console 1
Mono Input Channels 48
Band Parametric Channel EQ 4
Mix Outputs 24
DCAs 8
Stereo Input Channels 4


Recording Studio & Playback

Description Quantity
Sony DVP-NS300 DVD Player 1
Tascam 302 Cassette Player 1
Tascam MD-501 Mini Disc Player 1
Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT Player 1
Tascam CD-450 CD Player 1
HHB CDR-850 CD Recorder 1
48 Channel ProTools HD 8 System 1


Recording Monitors

Description Quantity
Mackie HR64 MKII Mid/Hi 2
Mackie HRS 120 Subwoofer 1



Description Quantity
AKG C451EB 1
AKG C451 B/ST 2
AKG C535EB 16
Shure SM57 21
Shure SM58 13
Shure SM81 2
Shure SM98 6
Shure Beta 98 D/S 4
Audio Technica AT8531 10
Audio Technica AT857QMLA 1
Audio Technica AT8086 1
Whirlwind Director DI Box 2
Earthworks M30 1
Earthworks FM500 2
Beryldyn SHM 20-500 1
DPA IMK4061 50
Crown PCC160 3



Description Quantity
Shure UR1 Beltpack 25
Shure 58a W/ UR2 11
Shure UR4D Wireless Receivers 24
Clear-Com Beltpacks/headsets 12


Intercom/Paging System

There is a 4-channel Clearcom system run throughout the facility with connections at the stage managers panel, all production areas and all backstage areas. Messages may be sent to the lobby, backstage and stage areas via the paging system.


Video Projection

The Concert Hall has three Christie video projectors that can project computers, DVDs, as well as live video. There are three screens, two of which are motorized and hung in front of the grand drape on either side; the third is hung on a manual line set center stage.

Description Quantity
Christie Projectors Roadster S-12k 3
Analog Way Triplix Controller 1
Analog Way Universal Booster 1
Analog Way Centrix Switcher 3


Video Production

Using our state of the art video system, we can produce a Blu-Ray or DVD copy of the performance. Our video system is a multi-cam produced product that can be recorded directly to DVD or captured to a hard drive, as well as multiple tape decks.

Description Quantity
Broadcast Pix Slate 5000g Switcher 1
Sony HDC1400-R Cameras 4
Sony PDW-700 Cameras (Robotic Mounts @ FOH) 2
HDCU1500 HD Camera Control Units 4
Panasonic AJ-HPM110 P2 Recording Decks 4
Sony DSR-45 Recording Decks 2
Sony HDV HVR-1500A Recording Deck 1
Tektronix WFM 5000 waveform/vector scope 1



Description Quantity
New York Steinway D Grand Piano 1
Kawai GS-60 Grand Piano 1
Musicians Chairs 80
Music Stands 140
Music Stand lights 50
Conductor's Podium 1
Soundcraft Lectern 1
Genie lift 1
HES F-100 atmospheric fog machine 2
Le Maitre MVS Hazer 1