2017 -2018 Leadership Team

Sean Wangnick

William Brooks

Kyle Hoover

Farhan James

Jack Powell

Kyle Beasley

Luke Beasley

Sam Futch

Pete Merka

Emma Streun

Fiza Sunesera


The TEC Leadership Team is an elected group of highly committed individuals who donate many hours of their lives to better the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew organization.

Members of the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew pride themselves on being a student run organization. During the summer, the group of officers, including the president, vice presidents and the class representatives take a four day retreat where they meet and plan for the upcoming year, and improve unity among the officers.

The Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew works together to put on professional-level productions while promoting leadership, camaraderie, and fun.

Former Presidents

Conner Head Shot.JPG

Conner M. Beasley
Greystone Preparatory School


Zachary L. Thornburg
Austin Community College


Jacob S. Rogers
University of Texas at Austin

Feroz T. James
University of California, Berkeley

Jesse R. Anderson
Carnegie Mellon University

Adam D. Hilton
Colorado School of Mines

Ashley N. Thornburg
University of Texas at Austin

Travis A. Favaron
2008-2009 / 2009-2010
Texas Christian University

Ryan Graham.jpg

Ryan T. Graham
University of Texas at Austin

Lewis G. King
Cornell University

Dylan R. Randall
2004-2005 / 2005-2006
Brigham Young University

Jeffery P. Strange
Ithaca College

Travis J. Rosch
2001-2002 / 2002-2003
Ithaca College

Adam S. Bernstein
Ithaca College

Boyd Stepan.jpg

Boyd R. Stepan
Full Sail University

Phil Gilbert.jpg

Phil G. Gilbert
1997-1998 / 1998-1999
University of Texas at Austin
Pictured with David Poole (left), 
co-founder of Westlake TEC