How to watch

CHAP TV broadcasts every Westlake Football game in Central Texas with 100% coverage on the NBC affiliate network KXAN. A live stream is also hosted online that can be viewed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. CHAP TV is run by 24 devoted Westlake High School students as part of the Television Broadcast Crew that invest countless hours into producing a professional product for the public.

Provider Channel
AT&T 1007
DirecTV 51
Dish Network 5185
Grande 818
Northland Cable 101
Suddenlink 725
Spectrum 1525
Over the Air 14.1

Memorable Moments

CHAP TV Classics

The Westlake High School Television Broadcast Crew has just finished its 14th season filming the Westlake Varsity football team. Since the beginning, this project has been about creating a product that the students leading and running the TBC can be proud of year after year. While building leadership and responsibility, each student has an immense sense of ownership of both the crew and the broadcast taking it upon him or herself to make each game the best it can be. 


2018 Season Highlights

(For other incredible plays from these games, check them out on our YouTube channel.)

2017 Season Highlights


2016 Season Highlights