The Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) is an extension of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) created for the purpose of rewarding and promoting excellence in student journalism. TEC enters videos for Broadcast Individual Achievement in the categories of photography, directing, and editing. The competition is tough, and TEC is proud of all of our students who have received recognition from ILPC.


1st Place- ILPC Broadcast Photography

Bryan Silvestro, Connor Parent, Matthew Michael, Isaac Frost, Rohan Lakhani, Carter Gehm, Lilly Walsh, Jackson Ruff, Robert Wetzel, Lisa Meyer, Jackson Chenoweth, Jan Stein, Conner Beasley

1st Place- ILPC Broadcast Directing

Akash Thaker, Kirkland Beasley, Luke Mizell

2nd Place- ILPC Broadcast Directing

Irena Martinez and Jackson Ruff


1st Place- ILPC Broadcast Directing
Cooper Ruff
Jesse Anderson
Hayden Yancer

2nd Place- ILPC Broadcast Photography
Andrew Davis, Kyle Franklin, Rohan Lakhani, Steven Laube, Eric Maynard, Matthew Michael, Alan Reed, Grayson Rosato, Jackson Ruff, Jack Teets, Akash Thaker, Kyle White, Hayden Yancer


1st Place- ILPC Broadcast Directing
Robert Jameson, Walker Jezek, Cooper Ruff

2nd Place- ILPC Broadcast Promotion/Commercial
Tyrone LaParmentier, Julie Maury

Honorable Mention- ILPC Broadcast Photography
Matthew Connor, Austin Thoma , Alan Reed, Jack Teets, Tyrone LaParmentier, Rob Stover, Callie Wendlandt, Hayden Yancer, Kyle White

Honorable Mention- ILPC Broadcast Editing
Hayden Yancer, Kyle White